The TRUST Programme

14th Sep 2021

What is the TRUST Programme?

The TRUST Programme is a joint project between Roade Primary School, Courteenhall Estate and ALP Tuition, supporting children and their families in primary schools across Northamptonshire. We agree that we need to address declining levels of engagement in learning, as a result of increasing levels of anxiety.


The programme focuses on 5 key areas that have been found (through considerable research) to improve wellbeing and academic outcomes for both children and adults.

We address all of these areas in our sessions whether with children, their parents or school staff.


They are:



Understanding and empathy

Self-regulation and



Together we offer an effective, affordable, nature-based provision, which helps anxious children and their parents. The TRUST Programme puts the child at the centre, truly supports parents, and ensures that schools use trauma-informed strategies to engage all children in their learning.

What do the children do?

Children are offered opportunities to develop key skills whilst participating in engaging, nature-based activities. These activities can be selected from an extensive menu, and include: den-building, pond-dipping, gardening and fire. Each session also includes learning self-regulation techniques through Yoga.


What about outside of the programme?

Although the children learn a lot within their sessions at Courteenhall, they also need support to continue their journey within school and at home. That’s why we have included their teachers and family in the programme so that all parties can learn and grow together.

Parents have opportunities to discuss their concerns and will look at techniques relating to the 5 key areas of the TRUST Programme. This includes support with behaviour management, nurture and self-regulation to improve connectedness.

Teachers will also be introduced to trauma-informed practise by investigating the 5 key areas of the TRUST Programme. They will then identify strategies to use in the classroom to improve engagement.

What do we hope to achieve with this programme?

We have worked together to build this programme in the hope that this model can be used with children across the county and beyond. If we can support and encourage other schools to take a similar approach we can help these children much earlier in their school careers to engage with their lessons, which in turn will increase their learning, improve their mental health and improve their life chances.

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