Soil Health is important to us

17th May 2022

Philip Wright, a soil specialist, recently visited our Tove Valley Farmers Cluster Group to talk about the health of our soil and how we could improve it across our respective businesses.

Many of us in the group have adopted a min-till approach in order to improve soil biodiversity, which in turn has supported greater root structures in crops, more efficiencies as well as looking at organic matter to apply.

For us at the Courteenhall Estate, soil health and soil structure forms part of our aim to adopt a more regenerative system. Being mindful of the amount of pressure being put on top of the soil, how much the soil is disturbed and what is put on the soil is hugely important.

Our aim is to work more closely with nature, so being mindful of how we manage our soil now and in the future is vital when producing food and accommodating the environment around us.

For more information on the areas in which Philip specialises in, visit:

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