School children visit Gawdy Hall to learn about life on the farm

5th Jul 2024

A group of children from Beccles Primary School in Suffolk have visited our sister estate, Gawdy Hall in Harleston, North Norfolk.

Many of the children had never visited a farm before, and they got a chance to learn about farm life, see animals in a natural habitat, visit fields growing oats and spring barley, look at the Estate’s wildflowers and bees, learn about our machinery and meet their team.

The trip was organised by The Country Trust, an educational charity which connects children who are least likely to have access to the countryside.

Sarah Davey, Farm Discovery Visit Coordinator for Suffolk for The Country Trust, said: "I'm really grateful to everyone at Gawdy Hall for making this visit possible. Without farmer hosts we cannot do this incredibly important work.

"We believe that every child should have the opportunity to visit a farm and discover first-hand the connections between the food they eat, their own health and the health of the planet."

Year 4 class teacher Luke Galea-Pace said: 'Visiting Gawdy Hall was a brilliant experience for our children.'

One of the children, Kiera, said: 'I loved visiting Gawdy Hall. My favourite part was riding on the tractor trailer and seeing lots of different animals.'

Gawdy Hall Estate Manager Mark Mayhew said: 'We love welcoming school children to the Estate and showing them the important work we do here. It was a particularly special day as there were lots of hares in one of the fields and the children did brilliantly to keep still and quiet so they came very close to us.'

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