Roade Primary School

7th May 2021

For many months now we have been working with Roade Primary School.  
Headteacher, Mark Currell, was keen to give his students something different, an outdoor classroom!  
This approach gives children a wider understanding of the world and allows them to get really hands on; whether that’s investigating different types of stone, seeing the life cycle of a plant or drawing the landscape. 
Our arboretum is so versatile, one day children could go pond dipping, another they may be using their navigational skills on a treasure hunt. And while this all sounds like great fun, it is carefully planned and built around their curriculum to give them a wider learning experience.  

At Courteenhall, we understand how important education is so with the help of Mark Currell and Alex Preston, of ALP Tuition, we are looking to take this one step further.  
There are a number of children across Northamptonshire who are struggling in mainstream education; it is these children we want to help most. School can be challenging for even the most resilient of children, so for those who maybe have mental health issues, or perhaps have had a disrupted home life it can be even tougher.

By working together we hope to encourage, nurture and establish a good relationship with these children, offering experiences that progress their learning and improve their wellbeing.  

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