Protecting our soil

18th Dec 2023

We are committed to farming as sustainably as possible and are passionate about the health of our soil.

We look after our soil in a number of ways, including maximising our use of natural fertilisers rather than artificial nitrogen, minimising our tillage to prevent carbon release from the soil, investing in cutting-edge technology, and working hard to reduce the use of plant protection products.

We encourage beneficial predatory insects that eat many of the crop pests and don’t spray with chemicals.

Our considerate farming practices also include a focus on cover crops, which are short-term crops grown over the winter to benefit the soil, prevent nutrient loss and weeds, slow erosion, and help to stop it from being washed away in wet weather.

Cover crops add organic matter to the soil, helping to boost soil structure and keep in water, lowering the risk of flooding.


We’re proud of the work we’re doing both at Courteenhall Estate and our sister estate in Norfolk, Gawdy Hall.

Earlier this month, we hosted a successful open morning at Gawdy Hall and welcomed Frontier Agriculture’s precision farming specialist SOYL and its team of soil surveyors and colleagues from Kings Crops.

They were keen to tour the estate and to look at the way we make the most of our cover crops and to see how we’re working hard to build and protect the health of our soil using digital farm management techniques.

It was great to be chosen as an example of a model display.

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