Courteenhall Farms partners with the Ethical Butcher

13th Jun 2024

We’re really proud that our amazing regenerative beef is now available to buy from The Ethical Butcher.

Founded by meat trader Farshad Kazemian and ex-vegetarian Glen Burrows, The Ethical Butcher is on a mission to reconnect people with nature, food and the land it comes from, and to provide its customers with high-quality meat.

All of the company’s suppliers are Pasture for Life accredited and farm honouring natural systems and in ways that increase biodiversity and regenerate the land, leaving a positive impact on the British countryside.

They source their meat from a number of farms around the country that put animal welfare and the environment at the heart of what they do.

Our cattle are Traditional Herefords and they’re a hardy, native breed that are 100% grass fed. They have a high quality of life and graze outside all year round on the estate’s parkland.

Cattle were historically farmed at Courteenhall until two generations ago and we wanted to bring them back because they’re brilliant for biodiversity.

We are in a Higher-Tier Countryside Stewardship scheme, which we started in 2022, and as part of that we reintroduced low input cattle.

They love it here because there’s lots of space for them to roam and we’re seeing the environmental benefits. They support our soil, keep our grasslands healthy, boost our wildflower species and attract insects and pollinators. Already we have seen an increase in orchids in the park, the return of dung beetles and increased bird species, such as barn owls.

We worked with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) to choose the best breed suited to being here and have grown the herd to 45 cows and one bull, with our first calves arriving in 2023. Our plan is to build up to a herd of around fifty.


Tom Cripps, Head of Meat & Supply Chain at The Ethical Butcher, said: 'The Ethical Butcher is delighted to have received its first delivery of beef from Courteenhall Estate. 

'It's really exciting to work with farms who choose traditional native breeds, not only because it's a nod to our country's farming heritage but also because of the superior quality of the meat they produce. That Traditional Herefords were part of the fabric of Courteenhall for three generations only adds another layer of depth to this story. 

'Most importantly, we applaud the approach the Estate takes to farming. The Ethical Butcher champions regenerative farming, which honours natural systems and aims to regenerate the land and have a positive impact on the British countryside. These principles underpin the way in which Courteenhall manage their land and rear their cattle. With emphases on pasture feeding through mosaic grazing to diversify pasture and improve soil health, and stewardship designed to increase wildlife and biodiversity on the Estate, Courteenhall epitomises the way we think farming should be done. 

'As for the meat, our first delivery of Traditional Hereford beef from Courteenhall truly delivered. With a lovely layer of yellow fat, characteristic of pasture fed animals, and a delicate flecking of intramuscular marbling, it passed the eye test straight away. This was more than backed up by the flavour, which was rich and complex. We look forward to our next delivery!'


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